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CAVERNA ABISMAL RECORDS is proud to present a special split 7" between SARTEGOS and BALMOG. Featuring two of the best black metal forces presently in Galicia, Spain, this split features an exclusive new track from each band.

For nearly ten years now, SARTEGOS have been patiently perfecting their craft over the course of two demos, a split album with France's Ysengrin, and the cult mini-album As Fontes Do Negrume, released in 2013. Their contribution here is a simmering and sepulchral slice of cavernous, blackout darkness, subtly casting its spell and entrancing the listener. BALMOG, for their part, are veterans of the underground. Since 2006, they've unleashed a prolific stream of fiery, diabolical dedication, with 2015's Svmma Fide being something of a modern classic. Here, they continue that ascent with a characteristic blast of sulfurous-yet-emotive energy.

Completed with striking cover art and layout by A.R. Castelao, the SARTEGOS / BALMOG split 7" is essential short-length listening for those sworn to the dark.
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