Privacy Policy

1 - Privacy and Data Protection Policy:

Definition of Personal Data and Categories Processed:
In compliance with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Caverna Abismal adopts a comprehensive understanding of personal data. Personal data refers to any information capable of identifying an individual, irrespective of its form or medium. Examples of such data categories processed by Caverna Abismal include:
Identification and Contact Information: Name, identification document number, taxpayer identification number (NIF), age, date of birth, telephone contact, email, physical address, etc.
Relationship with Caverna Abismal: Purchase history, subscribed newsletters, and other interactions.
Data Processing Responsibility:
Caverna Abismal exclusively manages your data without outsourcing to external entities, except under specific conditions detailed in point 1.7.

Instances of Data Processing:
Data processing occurs when you make purchases, use our website, or subscribe to our newsletter. This processing can be conducted orally, in written form, or through our online platform.

Purposes of Data Processing:
We assure that your personal data is processed solely for the purposes communicated to you, ensuring quality service provision and addressing your needs effectively. Examples of these purposes include:
Direct Marketing: Keeping you informed about relevant news, opportunities, and promotions.
Customer Management: Handling online purchases, order status updates, and addressing queries or corrections related to orders.
Legal Basis for Data Processing:

Your consent, whether explicit or implied, and our legitimate interests serve as the legal grounds for data processing activities.

Data Security and Confidentiality:
Caverna Abismal commits to treating your data with utmost confidentiality, ensuring protection against unauthorized access, loss, or damage.

Data Retention Period:
We retain your data only for the necessary period to fulfill the intended purpose or until you exercise your right to object or erasure.

Data Sharing:
When necessary, data may be shared with third parties solely for service execution purposes, such as shipping companies, or in compliance with legal obligations.

Your Data Protection Rights:
You have several rights regarding your personal data, including access, rectification, erasure, portability, objection, and restriction of processing. These rights can be exercised in writing or via email.

Applicable Legislation:
All agreements and contracts fall under the jurisdiction of Portuguese law.