YSENGRIN Upcoming Release

YSENGRIN Upcoming Release

Caverna Abismal Records is very proud to present you the first re-edition in CD format of Ysengrin's first album Tragedies - Liber Hermetis, with improved layout and remastered sound!
Release Date set to September 2nd, 2024

Listen HERE


Formed in 2005 by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Guido Saint Roch, Ysengrin has somewhat quietly compiled a discography that is worthy of the increased attention that it has more recently begun to receive following the release of its second full-length album, “To Endotaton,” in 2012. Its previous releases, including a handful of demos and splits in addition to its first album, were initially pressed in relatively small quantities and thus did not receive the more widespread distribution they deserved. With this CD re-release and remastering, Caverna Abismal Records resurrects the 2011 debut album, “Tragedies – Liber Hermetis”, to share their genius with a broader audience.

Ysengrin’s music cannot be as tidily categorized as many of the derivative releases that seem to litter the underground metal landscape. Rather than being easily labeled as black, death, or doom metal, Ysengrin seamlessly combines elements of all of these subgenres in the creation of its own brand of Hermetic Dark Metal. This characteristic clearly owes itself to the fact that, throughout its existence, Ysengrin’s output has been the fruit of one man’s vision and has thus escaped the tendency to compromise. That said, if any musical endeavor is to stand the test of time, it is required to evolve and mutate or otherwise stagnate and perish. “Tragedies – Liber Hermetis” finds the band exploring sounds more akin to the traditions of Hellenic black metal, as it thematically delves into both esoteric and exoteric perspectives on human history.

The music on this album is further bound by the artwork of Marko Marov, who not only adorns the cover of the gatefold jacket but also features an original drawing to accompany the lyrics of each song in a foldout booklet. Also noteworthy is that the lyrics have been translated from the original French into English for their inclusion in this release. As a whole, this document of Ysengrin’s past serves as a perfect precursor to Ysengrin’s future, which in the coming months will conclude a series of four split LPs/Tapes made with renowned bands like Stargazer, Sartegos or Black Grail.


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