Vulturine, an unique dark horde hailing from Brazil. No, No, they don’t sound like Sarcófago or Vulcano. No, No, they don’t have a friend’s space on the Internet. Do you know them? Probably not, because they keep their path on the true underground, despising modern forms of promotion. (...)This is a real journey to the world of someone who really knows what true blackmetal is all about (...).
Vercingétorix, 2009

VULTURINE - "Um cruel destino para tudo que respira"
CAV003 - TAPE format, handnumbered and limited to 333. Limited edition of 100 handnumbered posters.

1-O espectro da vingança
(The spectrum of revenge)
2-Um cruel destino para tudo que respira
(A cruel destiny to everythings what breathes)
3-O funesto pulsar da atordoante energia negativa & os tentáculos da escuridão
(The ominous pulse of negative energy & the tentacles of darkness)


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