1-Hails! Tell the readers some words about Veér. Once the band had its origins by Ravenshades, what changed and why the new name?
Basically nothing has changed yet a lot of things have changed at the same time. I mean our attitude towards music and life itself is still the same, but I think we just managed to find a better way to express ourselves. That’s why the new name, the new logo. The name is lack of every cliché for a foreigner, it sounds weird, you can call it even exotic, and because of this you can't connect it to anything. That was our goal.

2-Besides that, for those who see the logo of Ravenshades and Veér, observe a big difference. That doesn’t mean anything but, why the logo of Veér is so…straight to the point?
That was a diplomatic question. Nobody seems to understand or like the logo but we don't really care about this. The new logo reflects exactly what Veér is all about. It's not overcomplicated, it's raw and it’s definitely out of the line, you can recognize it at the first sight.

3-So far, for what I know the most important releases were the Split with Ater Tenebrae, made by Stygian Shadows Productions back in 2005 and now the full-lenght CD, released by Caverna Abismal Records/Neverheard Distro. It’s being hard to a band like yours to find a label willing to release your stuff? Or by other hand, do you think the band’s sonority is too specific to be appreciated by crowds taking off possibilities to release more music?
We reckon for some funny reason Veér is a bit too weird for the people. It’s not a standard black metal band, you can’t sell Veér easily. And because the music business is an industry even if a lot of people try to deny or ignore this, it resulted that we couldn’t find any proper label. But it’s the dark past. Fortunately you (Caverna Abismal) and Balázs (Neverheard Distro) together took the risk of releasing our first full-lenght in July of 2009.

4-I think that Veér has a special way to express, difficult to copy and to confuse. A strong bass and guitar rhythm devastating the fields with a blow of energy combined with melancholy is quite interesting to listen. I saw Jim Jones the vocalist, with one t-shirt of Aura Noir. Is this band an influence to you guys, to develop such death symphony?
Nice compliment. It might sound strange but we rarely listen to other black metal(lish) bands nowadays. We are excited about our new songs for the next album and we listen to the demo versions of them a lot. Anyway, most of the riffs came from Paga, but his main influence is rather early Bathory.

5-I saw in some reviews of ”Measure the Waste” the categorization of Urban Black Metal to Veér’s music. ”The Measure of Waste (...), as our civilizations crumble from stone to sludge and we feast upon recycled excrement”. How do you find these reactions?
To being a citizen in the modern world is more devilish than the whole so called black metal ideology or the black metal topics in general. Time has come to reinterpret the enemy: it’s our civilization, our society and the human being itself.

6-What your lyrics speaks about? Who creates the lyrics? What mood is necessary to write down such phrases?
Jim Jones creates the lyrics and he hides them in his deepest drawer. The vocal is a reaction to the world that surrounds us, what means disgust, disappointment to us and the hope that this world will get what it deserves. The lyrics are not poems they are just pillars of the vocal and it’s easy to imagine what’s about even if you don’t know the exact words. I don’t think that we have to give any other details. They are written in the heat of moment, in a moment of aberration.

7-So let’s speak about those aberration moments, the spring of such an involving dark atmosphere. As you mentioned, I don’t understand the words, but I have a enhanced feeling about humanity’s decay, rottenness and impurity around Veér’s conceptuality. Maybe I’m wrong but, the question I want to raise is, in a world of globalization, of extreme mobility and merging cultures do you think the world is getting a better place to live? In other hand, with such proximity between peoples, a real disease plague would be as killer as the pestilence that inffected all Europe some centuries ago?
You’re right. We are talking now in English but it’s neither your mother language nor mine. Major works in England, and he’s quite having a fun, is he globalized? Maybe yes, but it’s the good part of it. But we think neoliberal anti-globalists are ridiculous. They believe in socialism despite of they live in a welfare state. Otherwise, the economic globalization is fucked up, everyone knows the reasons. Anyway the world never gets a better place and honestly those problems that you mentioned are interesting but not the main topic for us. These are just consequences of history. We don’t do social studies by Veér, we are just glad to live in such a glorious age when mankind has the possibility to demolish its humanity and destroy itself. The little boy has found his daddy’s gun.

8-What’s your vision upon the world if the World War I and II hadn’t existed? In a period wherein the humanity’s history looks like to avoid human catastrophies, I recall Thomas Malthus who, back in 1798, already told ”The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man” and ”The overpopulated earth is the cause of all rotten societies”.
We are very sad about the outcome of the World War I. when Hungary lost more than 60% of his territory. And after the Word War II. we got the Soviet colonization as a bonus. Thank you, but wars are unnecesarry for us. We just have to throw an atomic bomb to the proper places. On the other hand we are not warriors of truth. Our music is about the dark side. Like a rotten society for example. If the world was a perfect place we should fictionize a world like this.

9-Specifically speaking about the album ”Measure of Waste”, can you explain to the readers what is the story behind of ”Pull the Trigger”? I mean, judging by the track’s title I guess the topic is the Suicide. Why the suicide has doubled or tripled in the last 20/30 years, when, supposedly, the world is a better place to live?
You are wrong this time. This song is about killing. Suicide and homicide are not far from each other in the case when motivation is attention. You know self-importance is increasing significantly nowadays. Just think about commercials: „you deserve it…”, „you are much more…”, „you are everything” and many people believe this shit but some of them realise that they are nothing they are even less, and they don’t deserve anything.
The problem is that they want to be memorable and the „easiest” solution is homicide or sucide. But „Pull the Trigger” is not about the above mentioned issue.
This song kills by anger.

10-Other intriguing title is ”...All This Things Will End”. What things will end?

11-Gladly, I had the chance to attend to a live show of Veér in Budapest, year 2008, and at the occasion, it was the first time I could listen the band. Honestly, for me, it was one the best UG gigs I attended and I was really amazed with the performance due the brutality of the live sound combined with all the caracteristic groove within the atmosphere. Can you give a picture to the readers of what kind of energy do you transmit to the audience?
The energy of suppressed aggression and hatred with a hint of cynism. Just imagine, you are on the stage, people stare at you and they enjoy, loathe or just curious about your gig. They are your audience. Some of them are good people, most of them are fucking retarded, but this situation makes you sick. Disgust starts to fill your mind, and you know by that time there’s no back. When the show starts the only thing that you can do is to punish them by your production. And promise to your self you won’t do it again, but you will.

12-Some of you from the current line-up of the band are involved in other projects as well. What make you guys to participate in other bands instead of flowing your ideas to Veér? How many other projects actives do you have for now?
Every member has an ego. All of us wants to raise his own filthy child, make something different than in Veér. Jim Jones is involved in Level Exit and My First Knife. Knot and Jim Jones make Kolp together. Paga has a one man project called isotope 235U. Major's main band is Vortex, but it’s taking a rest now. M was a member of Witchcraft, but since now he is taking his time off and concentrating full-time to Veér and other ongoing projects. And there was and will be a lot of collaboration, too many to enumerate them.

13-What about new and fresh contagious virus to the society, humiliating veneration of the filth and dirtiness? Anything planned to 2010?
We’re working on new songs, actually we’ve finished some of them, so we smell the possibility of a new album in the rehearsal cave’s air.

14-Ok, I think that’s all for now, thanks a lot for your time and answers my friends! The mountain was flattened to a cubic void of misery. Remind the readers how to die in agony.
Listen to Veér, drink and fuck as much as you can, punish your surroundings by getting old.

This interview was made by Nuno Barreiras to the Escritas do Subsolo fanzine, TOMO III, coming out soon. The answers were given on January 2010. For more informations ask through


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