MASMORRA FEST is going to be back in 2018!

Masmorra Fest 2018
9 June 2018 - Another Place (Almada, Portugal)

After the first edition in 2016, Caverna Abismal is proud to announce that Masmorra Fest is going to be back in 2018 for another killer night!

Line up:
(Presentation and Special set of "Hóstia", the new album to be out soon by Osmose Prod.)
(promoting their new album "Vacvvm")
(promoting their album "Beyond the Thresholds")
(VERY RARE live appearance!! 2nd time since their formation back in 2008)
(FIRST GIG EVER, promoting their new album "Parazv Il Zilittv")
(FIRST GIG EVER, promoting their debut EP "Congregations for Ancient Rituals")

Tickets for sale:
- Email:
- Bandcamp:
- Physical Shops: Glamorama Rockshop, Bunker Store, Carbono Amadora, Rock N'Raw Estúdios

Normal Ticket - 15€
Pack Ticket + CD* + Poster - 20€
T-shirt - 10€

*Available Titles (just for the Pack Ticket):
Bloodlust (AUS) - At the Devil's Left Hand CD
Poisonous (BRA) - Perdition's Den CD
Tod Huetet Uebel (POR) - N.A.D.A. CD
Viles Vitae (POR) - IV CD
Evil Priest (PER) - Evil Priest CD
Tyrant Galgadrakona (HUN) - Horns in the dark CD
Veér (HUN) - 27 CD


Created on the catacombs of Lisbon and sharing members of Tod Huetet Uebel, Viles Vitae and Ironsword, Archaic Tomb recreates a primitive manifestation of rituals and religions directly and actively connected to death.
Their debut EP, Congregations for Ancient Rituals, was recently released in Tape/Cassette via Caligari Records.

Unrevealed entities of the Portuguese underground come up with an insane atmospheric Metal ov Death, that promises to harvest human souls and offer them to Thee. For fans of Teitanblood, Spectral Voice and the likes. This show is going to be their first live appearance to promote their upcoming debut album, out soon by Iron Bonehead.

"Death is our guide, and we are His scythe."

Comprised of veterans of the Portuguese metal underground, Perpetratör features current members of Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Ravensire, as well as ex-members of The Firstborn and Omission. Their sound is a departure from their other bands, however, specializing in an absolutely blistering iteration of old-school Teutonic thrash metal.
If you heard their unrelenting 2014 debut album, "Thermonuclear Epiphany," then expect nothing but pure fist-in-the-face diabolism and debauchery for Perpetratör's second strike "Altered Beast", by Caverna Abismal!

This will be their second live appearance ever, and the they promise to crush everything on stage!

Veterans of the Galician underground, they've unleashed a prolific stream of fiery, diabolical dedication, with 2015's Svmma Fide being something of a modern classic.
In 2018 they continue that ascent with a characteristic blast of sulfurous-yet-emotive energy, with a split with Sartegos out now by Caverna Abismal Records and a new album to be out soon by War Anthem Records.

Formed in 2006, Marthyrium has become one of the most respected Black Metal acts on the Galician scene. After a demo, an EP and a Split, they bring now on their belts the acclaimed Beyond The Thresholds, their debut album of 2017, supported by Blackseed Productions.

Prepare yourself for Chaos and Warfare!!

Recently signed by the almighty Osmose Productions, we proudly announce that FNI is going to present their new upcoming album at Masmorra Fest!
Expect nothing but a blasting return to the old times, when metal was black and blasphemy was REAL!

Edition of 2016


Poster by André Coelho (nervousstillness [at]

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