06/5/2021 - ANIMAL MAN MACHINE - Until We See The Light CD!

Caverna Abismal Rec. is proud to present the release of ANIMAL MAN MACHINE debut album. 

Until We See the Light is a first-rate black metal debut that leaps across the marsh with unique, nefarious croaked vocals and glistening riffs exuding swampy distortion. Bounded by a shoreline of thoughtful soundscapes, including a passage from The Orthodox Choir of Russia, the record has a far-reaching appetite and the spring-loaded tongue of venom to satisfy it.

While most wretched sinners are dragged, kicking and screaming, into the tight confines of Hell, Animal Man Machine part the waters of the River Styx and march forth defiantly, salivating at the thought of a new domain. On Until We See the Light, the one-man Greco-Luciferian powerhouse launches flaming vocals coated in slimy riffs across murky waters in a commanding display of evil.
- Andrew Keene (extremeundergroundmetal.com)

Release date is set to June 1st 2021!
Pre-orders are open in our bandcamp